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Goran Pajic | Forsh - A Ballad | J BARBOSA - ATÉ A VOLTA.Mit einem kleinen Seitenhieb an die Kronenzeitung und dem bevorstehenden EU Beitritt der Türkei gehts diesmal in den neuen Mix – es endet mit den Klavierwerken des grossartigen James Blake.CONTROLS AND BATTLE SYSTEM [BLCon]=======================================================================A - Block B - Energy Attack X - Normal Attack Y - Smash Attack Start - Bring up menu Left Analog - Move character Right Analog RB - Transform LB - Aura Spark LT - Throw RT - Taunt--------Ki Gauge--------The ki gauge at the bottom of the screen indicates how much ki you have.

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Use pursuit attacks as much as you can, whichc shouldn't have problems connecting, as Gohan's much faster. His charge time for heavy smashes are high, making pursuit attacks less of a mainstay than in previous battles.

Teen Gohan As before, but Teen Gohan is smaller and harder to hit, making throws that much more important.

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