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In high school, I was labeled pretty much every name under the sun. Kidnapping the famous Kevin Jonas and then tricking his family was their plan from the beginning.But there's one label that my fellow pupils will Jane Morrison is a typical teenager with a boyfriend of almost four years, high school graduate going to a well known and prestigious college, a mother who died of kidney failure, a father who is still grieving three years later, a brother whome she sees once a year who's best friend had been nothing but a brother to Jane, and a best friend who is the new Hollywood records girl. Her means of escape out of her life is through running, writing, and entering into sweepstakes online. He deserves so much more than me, but he just won’t go away. But they didn't expect Joe Jonas to figure out their secrets through me.

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Meanwhile, Aisling is fighting her feelings, tooth and nail, constantly reminding herself why this teenager is no good for her. The two are seemingly connected and develop an intense friendship quickly.

But logic is a pretty poor weapon in battles of the heart. Liz refuses to let herself even consider getting into a relationship, convinced that Joe will leave her.

But she does live every day like it’s her last, she has a list of things she needs to do before she dies, and she always try to color outside the lines. He has a car, a house, and a kid - Timothy Jonas - but no wife… Now that Aurora has taught Joe to color outside the lines, will Joe be able to handle it when tragedy strikes him again? They always say that first step is the hardest.**Based on themes and characters from Louis Carroll’s Alice and Wonderland*** Weeks shy of his nineteenth birthday and the release of a new album, Joe Jonas meets Aisling Monroe in a business meeting.

Instantly he is convinced she is the love of his life.

Follow the Jonas boys through a few trials and triumphs. Through timeless words, they share deep similarities together with undividable difference. And can he love someone who was already dead in the heart? Oh who the hell are we kidding, everyone knows who Joe Jonas is. Joe doesn't get a break off tour for a couple of months so they make a deal to keep each others phones until they can return them to their respective owner, thus having to be in contact with each other on a frequent schedule to give each other messages and numbers when needed. But will the trials that the couple faces keep them form walking down the aisle, or will they beat the odds once again? (I'm not good with technology) Sometimes a tragedy can change you. Would you give into the temptation to experience an unknown world that promises great rewards?