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Monday saw Semina’s most ejaculatory releases so far.

Kobek’s is written in three interweaved texts: those from his involvement with HOE (Hogs of Entropy), a web-based group dealing in the authorship of absurdist textfiles; documents regarding the development of the book, ‘Epistles and Documentary History’; and a critical essay by Kobek on HOE.

Kobek read against a stream of live footage from a computer screen with the user cycling through social networking site — and I use the term loosely — Chatroulette.

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Semina book launch, 14 June 2010: Stewart Home, Jarett Kobek and Katrina Palmer Last Monday saw the launch of the third set of books in the Semina series, published by Book Works.

The postal invite consisted of a page ripped from Home’s book and promised ‘Readings, Screenings and Northern Soul’, the latter being provided by DJ Andy Cummings.