Validating a test to measure depth of vocabulary knowledge Free adult dating archbold ohio

validating a test to measure depth of vocabulary knowledge-77

Therefore, the issue of vocabulary assessment in the second language learning has become one of the great concerns of test developers.

However, few have reflected on the problems language teachers and researchers face in developing proper tests for measuring learners’ vocabulary knowledge.

Of particular interest is the knowledge of polysemy, synonymy and collocation that are part of the depth dimension.

Polysemy refers to fact that many words have multiple meanings.

The analysis of the results showed that (a) language proficiency influences performance on depth of vocabulary knowledge tests (b) although depth of vocabulary knowledge is significantly related to reading, grammatical knowledge explains the greatest amount of variance in tests takers` performance on reading comprehension tests and (c) knowledge of collocation is related to grammatical knowledge. Thus, we intend to address the role of depth of vocabulary knowledge in reading comprehension.

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