updating risk prediction tools a case study in prostate cancer - Updating kaspersky virus removal tool

You may add the system drive or custom locations to the scan, or disable the scanning of select items such as startup objects.

The program lacks options to exclude files from the scan though and other features like selecting if archives should be scanned that most antivirus solutions offer.

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The application itself is portable and requires no installation.

You can run it right after you have downloaded the 90 Megabyte file to the local system.

Its portable nature makes Kaspersky's Virus Removal Tool an interesting option for tool collections, for instance on USB drives or DVDs as you can simply put the virus scanner on a media for portable use.

The program creates the folder KVRT_Data on the computer after it has been executed.

Closing Words Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is a nice to have program for on-demand scans.