Tips for dating a foreign exchange student

” Some pupils worry that you have to be “really good” at a foreign language in order to try an exchange.But Laverne Antrobus, an educational psychologist at the Tavistock Centre in London, says part of the fun of doing one is trying to communicate, even if you don’t always get it right.These can be torture if not approached in the right frame of mind: but they can also be fun and of lasting practical use.

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It made them laugh when I spoke Finnish but you can’t be afraid, you have to do it for the experience.

What amazed me were the differences in the way of life.

“Foreign exchanges have the greatest chance of success if the child is enthusiastic to try it.

It is unlikely to work out if the parents have pushed an unwilling child into it.” Any successful exchange will expand cultural as well as linguistic awareness.

The real reward is the memories and friendships you allow your family, community, and international student to experience.