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Perhaps we’ve grown set in our ways or weary of change, but the roaring return of the Start Menu to the forefront in Windows 10 has left us grumbling and scowling more than any big Windows change has in a long, long time.

To understand exactly why we’re so thoroughly displeased with the new Windows 10 Start Menu (even if you don’t agree with our scorn) take a stroll with us through the history of the Start Menu, where the Windows 10 Start Menu breaks the sacred rules of OS interface construction, and what should be done (and what you can do if what should be done never ends up actually coming to pass).

It’s no wonder then, given that it has been with us so long that we have certain expectations of what the Start Menu is, what it should do, and we get more than a little miffed when it vanishes on us or fails to live up to our expectations.

Before we dig into the Windows 10 Start Menu it would help to blow the dust off an old installation disk or two and stroll down Start Menu memory lane.

We can consider this the first generation of the menu system.

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