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Instead we stepped out for two hours at a time and rushed back trying desperatly to achieve a successful nap.

He also decided to master pulling up so he could stand up in his pack and play and preceeded to hang his arms over the side crying each and every time we put him down for a nap or put him to bed for the night.

He will not accept being strapped down so the car seat is not a happy place accept when it's time for a nap, then he will sleep in it.

His patience is thin, his fuse short, and his intellect sharp. His curious mind works quick and his intense focus on whatever he is doing allows him to acheive goals with little or no problems.

- Your Dating Community for Smokers Dating for Smokers is an online dating service with free personals for singles that smoke.

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    Why tie your life to someone who’s always going to put his needs before yours? Well, he could spend Saturday working on his resume so he can get out of his dead end job… He’s always in flirt-mode wherever you go, and he always leaves you wondering whether you’re the only woman in his life or whether he’s just sticking with you until he finds a different woman to charm.

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    Three strata of toadstone had been found, and the limestone under the third was as far as miners had reached. The map project describes the "shallow tropical sea surrounded by coral reefs" in which the limestones were laid down and how "subterranean volcanoes erupted spasmodically through the sea floor, covering the limestones with ash and lava" which formed the toadstone.