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S.'s National Football League, the company also has exclusive first-time broadcast rights with many of the leading film producers, including the Top 50 box office performers, for a total offering of some 7,000 films per year.

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Formed in 1988 and using the existing PAL broadcast technology, Sky TV began broadcasting four channels of programming in 1989, including an upgraded version of the original Sky Channel, called Sky One; Eurosport, a joint-venture between the European Broadcast Union and News International; Sky Movies, a fee-based all-film channel; and Sky News, a 24-hour news channel.

Start-up costs reached £122 million; losses for its first year of operations were £95 million.

In 1983, Rupert Murdoch's News International set up Sky Channel, a European-based satellite-to-cable broadcaster providing a mix of English-language sports and entertainment programming to much of Europe's cable television systems.

Sky Channel proved less than successful, however, generating under $20 million per year in advertising revenues, and by the mid-1980s, Murdoch was already looking to evolve the Sky concept toward the newly emerging direct satellite broadcasting technology and to focus the television subsidiary on the British market.

And by then, BSB no longer had an exclusive on the British satellite market.