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“One night we were all smoking, and I started talking about throwing a big party on Broadway with all the Capitol Records groups, the Beatles and everybody.

Michael said, right away, ‘We should use the name Woodstock,’ which was the town where Bob Dylan and The Band lived and was getting a reputation as really hip.

Those kind of things like water and sanitation were big obstacles.” Others remain dazzled by what they experienced.

Hallandale Beach, Fla., racehorse owner Joe De Falco was a middle-age Korean War vet in 1969 whose musical tastes ran more to Sinatra than Santana.

Epitaphs were written: Headliners Hendrix and Janis Joplin would be dead of drug overdoses in little more than a year. There wasn’t enough food (most concession stands ringing the concert grounds quickly ran out when the employees swapped hot dogs and hamburgers for dope; some that didn’t were torched by the crowd to protest capitalist predation). Nelson Rockefeller declared Woodstock a disaster area, and the Army and National Guard began airlifting supplies in and casualties out.