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Recent examples of creating sims in virtual worlds specifically for language education include VIRTLANTIS, which has been a free resource for language learners and teachers and an active community of practice since 2006, Since 2007 a series of conferences known as SLanguages have taken place, bringing together practitioners and researchers in the field of language education in Second Life for a 24-hour event to celebrate languages and cultures within the 3D virtual world. Almost all virtual world educational projects envisage a blended learning approach whereby the language learners are exposed to a 3D virtual environment for a specific activity or time period. for example, is an open-source project which integrates the multi-user virtual environments of Second Life and/or Open Sim with the Moodle learning-management system.

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2005 saw the first large-scale language school,, open its doors in Second Life.

By 2007,'s custom Vo IP (audio communication) solution was integrated with Second Life.

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