Regina king dating malcolm

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When the person on the other line says there is a UPS delivery for him, for an unknown reason, he flees out the window and down the ladder escape.

He runs away from his pursuer until they both careen into each other and knock heads. Not wanting a confrontation out in the open, Neal succeeds in getting Emma to a nearby bar where he reveals that he is, in fact, Baelfire and they discuss their past.

To everyone's surprise, Neal admits he and Hook met in the past. Gold's wound, Neal offers to steer Hook's ship back to Storybrooke, and he arranges to borrow someone else's car to the harbor.

Emma curiously asks how he knows Hook and how to pilot a pirate ship, though he evasively says the land without magic is not the first world he arrived in, because if it had been, he would be over three-hundred years old by now.

Neal tries to tell Emma about Tamara, but he is unable to after their conversation is interrupted.