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The [email protected]: SP, a raising sim, has some nice guides for JPN challenged players.

hay this is the same as my outher topic but i am also looking for a ps1 gameboy or a ds dating sim i forgot to put this is my outher one so can somewon help me out or do they not have any for theys platforms Very, very few visual novels come to NA. You need to compromise a bit if you want anything in life.

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Growlanser: Wayfarer of Time (you develop your relationship with diff characters as story progresses)Mana Khemia (same as above)Hakuoki Harvest moon Persona 3 Portableif you're really looking for dating sims, the DS has a lot more to offer.

" and "What is the greatest dating sim game of all time?

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    Sims can travel to Community lots in order to purchase things like clothing and magazines, and to interact with NPCs and townies.

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