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Please let me know if you find a bad email address in my list. Hotmail will mark an account inactive if not accessed for 30 days, and will delete it entirely at 90 days.

Don't worry if an address looks a little funny to you.

Some of the addresses may not look like much of an address (no street or house numbers), but the postman knows the families, and will find them okay.

Cell phones are common because they are cheap there, and one does not need expensive contracts. If they don't keep the card up, they may lose the cell number, and you will get a bad number. I wrote every week to mine (12 to start with), and did not wait for a reply each time.

A common way for them to lose a regular house phone is when neighbors run up a big bill with long distance calls, and they can't pay it. if you find bad emails or numbers in my list, then please let me know. It took about 8 days to get a letter from the US to the Philippines, and from the Philippines back to the US in 1995.

One needs to sift the wheat from the chaff, and find the one right for them... If you do it (write to many ladies), then don't be hurt if you find she does it, too. The lady will ask for opinions and advice and your words and pictures should reflect understanding that others will see them. Most of these ladies are "good girls" and in their culture that means virgin, innocent and very unworldly. Men who talk sex right off or ask for new pictures of Filipinas will find they shock the lady and she will be disgusted.