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Melissa was December 12, 1972 in Los Angeles, California. Francis is currently famous as a TV journalist, however as a kid, Francis was a popular child actress.She graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts. She appeared in movies like Scavenger Hunt and Bad Dreams and also on TV shows Joe’s World and Little House on the Prairie.The highly-publicized court battle ended with Whitehead losing custody, but she was given visitation rights.

Our cover story is reported by Kelly Wallace: It's their big night. Melissa and Michael Musman from Brooklyn, New York have rushed to OSF St. "Just thinking about it now, I can get tears in my eyes," Michael said. Both of us."A month after their wedding in 2006, Melissa had non-cancerous tumors removed from her pelvis and abdomen.

Francis Medical Center in Peoria, Ill., to have their first child. Radiation made her infertile."How difficult was it when you learned you wouldn't be able to have a baby yourself? "In the beginning, it was difficult, because every little girl dreams of getting married and having a baby," Melissa said. "You know, you get married, you want to have children.

Scanlon, 42 years old, is a portrait painter and mother of three. And now, in part because her husband Brian needs expensive surgery, Scanlon is pregnant again. ""It was never something that entered my mind," Gina said. And it finally happens when they're holding their own child. "I just can't imagine without them how life would be."Paying a surrogate remains illegal in several parts in the United States.

In contrast, this is Jennifer's first try as a surrogate. "Being a mother, I can't imagine life without my children," she told Wallace, "and so you know, it really came to the fact that I would really like to help another couple have a child that they otherwise could not.""What do you think is inside of you that said, 'I want to be a surrogate'? And it's so worth it."Gina delivered twins for their parents - Tom Pistula and Jeffrey Lui. Iris and Ivory were conceived with an egg provided by an egg bank and sperm supplied by Jeffrey. "A woman who I thought was emotionally secure enough to give up the children and … They say they want the twins to call Gina "Auntie.""What do you they mean to you, Iris and Ivory? It's also against the law in most of Europe, which is why Sylvia and Michaela came all the way from Italy to the La Jolla IVF Clinic in California.

There were a lot of tears at nighttime, a lot of crying."But before the surgery, Melissa saved one of her eggs.