Maskededitvalidator not validating

I've attempted to code the Masked Edit Extender/Masked Edit Validator to both validate a SSN and display an input mask. 2.) The input mask displays when clicking into the textbox but quickly disappears.

Allow any character user to be entered in the textbox/ This one is used to denote date separator: This one is used to denote time separator.

This one is used to denote decimal separator, This one is used to denote thousand separator\ This one is escape character to separate values ex .999\/999 if we use like this / is appear in between six numbers Client side: <%@ Page Language="C#" Auto Event Wireup="true" Code File="cs" Inherits="_Default" %><%@ Register Assembly="Ajax Control Toolkit" Namespace="Ajax Control Toolkit" Tag Prefix="asp" %><!

но все равно валидатор мне всегда говорит, что я ввела неверное значение.

Подозреваю, что два разделителя-точки не может быть в одном числе, т.к.

1.) Validation caused the delete or backspace keys to no longer work. After doing some research it seems Ajax 2.0 is extremely buggy. Unless anyone else could help me I guess I'll just abandon trying to get this Ajax to work.