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Shyam and Anil size each other up and sigh wearily, and just when they're going to throw in the towel, they solemnly make their decision. The other two air hostess finds out that they have been cheated.

'One for you, two for me,' Shyam mutters, as if it's the most natural thing in the world. By the end both Shyam and Anil realizes their mistakes and Shyam decides to marry his "Murapennu", Sreekutty.

Anil might act unflappable with others around, but grovels in front of Shyam to let him stay.

Beneath the egos and competition, however, it's pretty visible that these two like each other. Dick aka Dickammayi (Sukumari), a moody chef whose husband was in Military, who eloped and married her sister.

She has been warned about women in the house, but is unaware of her domestic duties would involve shuffling pictures in and out of photo-frames, and making three different kinds of dinner on the same night.