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poaga poaga i think u will be alright me: ippo rranjani_79: peasurathu sari ila me: hmm me: aunty rranjani_79: solu me: sry rranjani_79: hmm ok me: sry again rranjani_79: no pblm me: sry ....i wanna masturbate now rranjani_79: ai chi poye thola me: sry me: ? rranjani_79: ena me: sry for imagining u and mastrubating rranjani_79: ne enamo panu rranjani_79: bye me: sry ok me: wait panunga me: dnt go me: i wont do it rranjani_79: ok me: i dont mastrubate rranjani_79: hmm me: im head is going in now rranjani_79: enathu me: color head in ma penis going in...becoming small rranjani_79: amma.

poda panni rranjani_79: veara peasu me: hmmmm..become small me: sollunga rranjani_79: ena me: cntrl panitean me: enga enna nalla cook panuvenga rranjani_79: mostly ela tamilnadu food panvean me: super aunty umm rranjani_79: hmm me: aunty neena question pannunga me: nan pannu verum sexx than rranjani_79: normal a peassu me: normal enna pesarathu nu thnk panrean..onuma illa rranjani_79: un family pathi sollu me: ma family 4 members' me: ma bro wrks in hyundai me: married me: sister in law wrks in ford me: mom n dad me: tats it rranjani_79: hmm how is ur work and everything me: work is lil hectic...pressure me: everythng means rranjani_79: work tha sonean me: ok me: once i had sex with ma team lead rranjani_79: oh me: mallu gal me: very sexy rranjani_79: hmm me: evry tym i will touh here n there everytym in office rranjani_79: hmm rranjani_79: poathum me: she also do the same rranjani_79: 2mrw company ilaya me: nope me: neenga naliku busy ah?

me: i wanna have sex with aunty rranjani_79: what is this rranjani_79: dont talk to me like this me: ok im sry me: im sry rranjani_79: ok no pblm. me: i belong to chennai me: wher u from rranjani_79: madurai me: gud.. me: wanna c me me: aunty me: waiting 4 u me: aunty me: poonga me: nan ungaluku cam kamichen me: hi aunty me: h r u rranjani_79: fine me: enna panreenga me: aunty me: thungalaya rranjani_79: thukam varala me: yen aunty? rranjani_79: chennai poirkaru me: thukam varalaya me: rranjani_79: po lusu me: hehehe..aunty vekama..super rranjani_79: ila chuma tha me: hmmm..varuvaru me: miss panreengala me: ?

rranjani_79: i dont like it me: yen ...neenga shave panalaya? me: first ma coll mate me: second ma team mate.galfrnd mathiri me: second super rranjani_79: oh ok me: unga firsts sex epudi irunthuchu' rranjani_79: dai ne adi vanga poara me: neenga mattum ketienga rranjani_79: yaroadanu tha keatean me: -nan epudi irunthuchu ketean me: becoz i knw u had with ur husband oly me: sry rranjani_79: nala irundathu.

me: me: im sry rranjani_79: dai adi vaanguva rranjani_79: hmm me: seri sollunga...shave pannengala..illaya rranjani_79: ai veara peasu lusu me: hmm.ponga me: nan kekarathuku answer pannave matinga rranjani_79: ipdi keata rranjani_79: normal ana question kealu panrean me: nan chinna piyen paiyan rranjani_79: no rranjani_79: normal a peasu me: hmmm.. me: happpy moment me: enaku naraya iruku rranjani_79: en ponnu pirandathu rranjani_79: unaku? avlo tha rranjani_79: veara peasalam me: hehehe me: unga pic one plz rranjani_79: no way me: neenga mattum en patheenga me: illa rranjani_79: na earkanavea sonean rranjani_79: mudiyathunu me: hmm..

me: onnum illa me: disappointment me: but i like u aunty me: neenga strict irukarathi rranjani_79: oh rranjani_79: hmm me: nan romaba ketta paiyan illa rranjani_79: hmm ok me: ? rranjani_79: purila me: venam..neenga tension avenga rranjani_79: hmm me: hmm..thukam varalaya rranjani_79: hmm varala me: thungiteengala me: me: oru ponna attract pannrathu romba kastam illa rranjani_79: therila me: yen neenga epudi pesareenga me: illa neenga question pannunga rranjani_79: ila enaku serious a therila me: saree katitu padutha..suffacation na irukum illa rranjani_79: ilayea.

free ya tha irukum me: enna saree me: material me: color me: ok sollamatenga;a me: thr?

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