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And both appear to have won the hearts of many viewers.

Petronas has come up with a short film about five best friends on an adventure during Chinese New Year to capture the legendary fish, “King of the River”.

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It was then that Goodall became a full-blown activist and conservationist, speaking and working until today to raise awareness on conservation.

In 2015, she was among 20 high-profile figures who signed a letter to UK’s Members of Parliament opposing Prime Minister David Cameron’s plan to amend the Hunting Act 2004, which would repeal the ban on fox-hunting with dogs.

The four-minute web film and 60-second television commercial is titled “It Came From A Tin Mine”.

It has a new concept, which is expected to run through other festive advertisements.

KUALA LUMPUR: Every year, some of the country’s major corporations come up with creative video advertisements that evoke emotion and convey a strong message and this year is no exception.