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56 “Lip Gloss” Lil Mama Things we know about Lil Mama: (1) her lip gloss is poppin’, (2) her lip gloss is poppin’.

Which is fine, because her angry-teen steez — and a raw beat that sounds like a locker door being repeatedly slammed — are more than enough to carry the lil’ Brooklyn MC’s debut single.

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47 “The Pretender” Foo Fighters A fist-pumper that proves Dave Grohl’s got plenty of throat-shredding screams, ridiculously catchy choruses and loud-quiet-loud metalloid riffs left in his quiver. T-Pain Equal parts smooth seduction and club-shaking bounce, this was Usher’s “Yeah! 49 “Makes Me Wonder” Maroon 5 Quite a player, that Adam Levine: In addition to his good looks, he’s got that silky voice and a big bag of hooks.

He deploys both on this dance-pop kiss-off, a hit brighter than any Swedish tunesmith has come up with in years.

36 “Situation” 1990s These debauched Scots worship everything sleazy and glorious about 1970s New York punk.

Their finest moment proves they can play as fast as they can drink.

The guitars are prime Eighties studio rock, while the green-eyed lady on the mike sings like the Cranberries. Heartstring-pulling and party-starting all at once. 21 “Crank That” Soulja Boy A young Atlanta rhymer-producer cooks up a skeletal stomper and a no-budge My Space clip, and ends up ruling hip-hop (at least for a few weeks). Now it’s all just a shame” — anger never sounded so sexy.