James mccartney dating

It was there, when he was six years old, that one of the definitive moments of his childhood unfolded.

A ransom plot to snatch James and his mother was uncovered.

From there, he jetted home to London, where he posed for photographers outside sister Stella’s gala London Fashion Week dinner.‘James has always been a unique kid. He’s a lovely guy without a nasty bone in his body, but he prefers to be on the sidelines taking everything in.

He’s always hated being the centre of attention.‘So you have this conflict between the two sides of his personality.

Paul Mc Cartney and his son James have been in the spotlight recently after James Mc Cartney’s “awkward” interview on a British breakfast show.

The current media obsession with Paul’s son, James, has awakened public interest in the father.

Oh, and as for politics, he issued a video endorsement supporting Barack Obama in the 2012 election!