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They may not be having gay sex, but they're sure gaying it up, nonetheless, which increases the perception that gays (or pseudo-gays) are everywhere.

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So there is a large portion of the Straight population that claims it is straight but in actuality are bi-sexual. He seems really nice, but it seems like he's a bit..

Jaqui's husband is so sweet and handsome (yes, I'm a bear chaser). I saw the 20 year old who lost 200 lbs on GMA this morning.

he like leaps into bed with them and is like WAKIE WAKIE all excited. I give him credit for sincerely giving big hugs to the sweaty overweight people. I felt like that 600 pound virgin David was in love with Chris.

I wonder if Chris fights the gay as he seems to be faithful to his wife. He does seem kind of gay but as jacquie got hotter and hotter on her season I saw intense repressed sexual tension between them, even as they each blathered on about their love of their spouses.

Now jacquie is currently a weight loss couch for season 3, which is now taping, and is apparently living out there in AZ near or with the Powells?