I8510 over the air updating

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I8510 over the air updating

You’ll agree to a Terms and Conditions, and if you’re not connected to a power source, you will get a pop-up notification suggesting you connect to one.

Over The Air updates are much faster than i OS upgrades through i Tunes or manual updates with firmware files, and assuming you have reasonably fast internet connectivity, should be done downloading in just a few minutes.

Software updates appear in your Settings app in Settings Software Update.

For most people this won't be an issue, however, as their device syncs either automatically through i Cloud or whenever you connect it to i Tunes. Over-the-air updates are one of the more pleasant changes to i OS in recent years.

The whole database weighs in at around 400KB so won’t be too hard on any data allowance you have. Every time the database is updated you will be prompted with a spoken warning and all you need to do is go to the settings and then in ‘Manage cameras’ tap on ‘Download database’ – and that’s it!