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You seemed like an alright woman and depending on how factual your biography actually is, you were a casino executive in Las Vegas, making you at least sort of competent in business.

You helped Randy develop the idea of the Xtreme Couture brand, something that he wanted to establish for when he walked away from the sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

Couture was subsequently banned from all UFC events, including cornering his son.

In fact, UFC brass have also added fuel to the speculative fire by suggesting it wouldn't be out of bounds for Carano to face UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey in her first bout back after a five year hiatus.

For Randy Couture, who has helped train Carano in the past, that's not an idea he thinks is particularly fair or prudent for the former Strikeforce and Elite XC standout.

"I have not gotten a chance to talk to Gina and she hasn't really reached out to new me about that situation. We've not really seen Ronda Rousey face a solid striker like Gina Carano. She is exactly what Ronda Rousey is to MMA right now.

I think she's as capable as any athlete that I've been around," Couture told Ariel Helwani on Monday's The MMA Hour. I think if Gina had an Achilles heel, even when she was at her peak over five years ago, it was the grappling side of things. "I think Gina has way more to lose there than she has to gain in stepping right in to a title fight after being off and off the mats in training environment for the last five years. Despite his reservations about Carano taking the right steps for her career, Couture claims he understands the financial considerations underpinning why the UFC would want to make the bout between Carano and Rousey. So, to have those two finally meet up, is a huge fight on the business side of things." The problem for Couture is timing and taking the right opportunities.

You decided to find common ground with your husband by training MMA and honestly, who could find a problem with a couple working out together.