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Our staff are non-judgemental, professional and friendly.

When you come for an appointment, you will be listened to without being judged and your care will be carried out in a confidential and sensitive manner.

We will provide you with a space to express your thoughts, feelings and emotions; we can help you to deal with past or current issues that are causing you distress; and you will be able to explore positive coping strategies Yes.

Anything you say at the clinic will be kept confidential, unless you are being referred to another service with your permission, or in very rare situations if the staff need to share information for your own protection.

The employee of CTV News, who called herself "April Lim," arranged a meeting with that advertiser near Metrotown. Neither of these men responded to our attempts to interview them, though one texted us to say he found a “benefit friend” for his condo, and the room was rented.