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After a couple of false starts I found someone who I am very interested in. Dear friends, today we continue our interview with Sergey Sokolov, a co-founder and manager of the UFMA agency (Ukrainian Fiancée Marriage Agency), based in Kharkov, Ukraine. “Hi Krystyna, I am very glad to have found your blog.

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I’m talking about stuff like generous, sacrificial, selfless, faithful, loyal, kind, hardworking, courteous, etc…

It seems quite obvious but worthy of just spelling out. Don’t let the rush of Dopamine and Oxycontin in your body make you forget what matters most.

I’d rather that drama come from inevitable external sources.

I don’t want that drama to come from the fact that I married a man who I didn’t accept AS IS.

I don’t want the drama of spending a lifetime trying to figure out how to change him so I’m not miserable.