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There’s a pervasive come hither attitude, that constitutes a fuckboy, in DC. Like if we hang out then we have to hang out with our specific group.

The big fish little pond syndrome that is symptomatic in every city but is the mainstream in DC with no balance. Folks will tell you they’re going to something and not invite you.

Ok, I like my barber and Founding Farmers…everything else, yeah won’t be missed.

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Folks have created their own bubble where they verbally elevate their positions in life and expect you to bow down to it. I understand that the older you get the less open most people are to friendships. I interviewed someone in the natural hair community for a publication I write for. At the end of our convo, both of us have our phones out and she says “oh I’m having an event next month, but I don’t know how I would invite you…” L-O-L, I told her to just have her publicist contact me. Another time, I was interviewing Chrisette Michele at a hair show, there was another natural hair blogger there with a friend.

I can’t communicate in anything other than honesty so I fail at this epically. I don’t even know that right now I want more friends. She recognized me and I mentioned that I just moved here and I’m trying to meet people – I’m probably going to go to Nando’s after this.

Then I evolved, and NYC isn’t worth living in if you’re not going to take advantage of the opportunity it offers, because it’s hard to maintain.

I was focused on applying for my MBA, so I decided to end that chapter of my life and because I make decisions on the whim, deciding to implement them the next day…I moved back to my home state Delaware, with the intentions of working towards getting into grad school.

Top tier MBA programs largely do not recruit in Philadelphia, since I was already in DC a lot and I have quite a few friends that live out in this area, so it made sense. Besides that it’s also all very expensive, at minimum $12/plate. I love it, even though it’s not cheap and across town from me in Foggy Bottom, I really love it. But amongst all the underwhelming food I’ve eaten and traveled to and been disappointed with, Founding Farmers has never failed me, because with the fresh food comes amazing customer service. Should I tell you about the super rude waitress at Society Lounge who caught an attitude after noted she over charged us.