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She's not an actress, and he did refer to her only half-jokingly as "my beloved", so who knows?

Perhaps we may shortly be hearing the patter of tiny Northam feet.

In Cypher, I'd watched him transform himself from twitchy nerd to tanned sex god; but Northam the man was no more inclined to play the celebrity than he would be to suddenly "switch on" his Dean Martin (a man he impersonated so expertly in an American TV movie that the critic David Thomson says he watched the film expecting to see the real Jerry Lewis suddenly appear next to Northam's "real" Dean).

His evident dislike of being interviewed meant that much of our conversation consisted of a kind of meta-interview about interviews, and about the publicity commitments every actor must meet to "sell" his film. "Lots of actors are actually extremely shy." Is he shy? It's not that he's anything less than sweet and cooperative and friendly, just that he can't bring himself to "put out", if that's not too vulgar an expression.

When I protest, pointing out that he is in his prime, he says, rather Eeyore-ishly, "I don't consider 41 being in prime of life.