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According to figures quoted by Goodwin and Jamison, hypersexuality was reported in 57% of manic individuals, based on averages across seven studies, with a range of values from 25% to 80%!

And remember, “sexual indiscretions” is such a significant marker of bipolar illness that it is included in the DSM-IV’s diagnostic criteria.

For example, some medications cause weight gain and loss of libido.

This can be difficult for the other person who finds themselves in a relationship with a bipolar partner who is disinterested in sex and different physically to the person they were first attracted to.

Nobody else can decide this for you – but I do know that regardless of whether or not you stay in the relationship, you will feel much better if you can understand this central point – a bipolar person cheats in the grip of mania – it is the illness in one of its ugliest manifestations.