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As you become more committed and serious, you can become more intimate and thus share more of yourself. A mutual cultivation of characteristics and attributes desired for healthy relationships. Simply put however, the goal of any healthy relationship is to make each other a better person, and in romantic relationships, it is to prepare one’s self, and the other for marriage.

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Likewise, at different stages in a romantic relationship, it will be appropriate to have different levels of commitment.

This domain can be used to judge how far you should go in the intimacy domain—if you are only a 2/10 on commitment, you should not be a 5/10 in intimacy. A mutual sharing of self in spirituality, physicality, emotion, and intellect.

This, in return, will hopefully lead to better communication between partners, and thus better relationships in general.

Every relationship, whether romantic or not, consists of four different domains—elements that when evaluated on a spectrum, can help one decide how far one is in their relationship.

These four domains are on a scale of 1-10, and increase as the seriousness of one’s relationship increases.