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” is that they are not playing people with Down syndrome. Well, regular if you consider murderers (of both snails and people) to be regular people.

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He says he's comfortable with the interview process, "but it can be difficult when people misquote and take answers out of context, which unfortunately happens often." What: The actor presents his film What Is It?

, gives a reading, answers questions and signs autographs.

(Also true.) I could mention that I’m honestly not a huge Johnny Depp fan and that I thought his Mad Hatter was just a little too much like his Willy Wonka. You probably know him as that guy from David Letterman, or the villain on Charlie’s Angels. ” because, although the movie was released years ago, it’s kept under lock and key.

(Very true, and then some.) But the real truth is that the thing that really kept me slumped in my seat in a movie theater in Ahwatukee (read: suburban hell, for you non-Phoenicians) instead of up and joining Alice down the rabbit hole had nothing to do with any of the above and everything to do with the fact that Crispin Glover’s in that movie. But I know Crispin Glover as the creator of a series of movies, the first of which is called “What Is It? Glover tours with it and says he shows it only when he can be there to explain it. I’ve been working on a longer piece about this guy and his movie for years (literally, sadly, years) but for today I’ll just give you the short version: Glover made a movie that features — along with naked women wearing monkey masks and smashing watermelons, a man with cerebal palsy naked in a conch shell, and a lot of Nazi and Shirley Temple references — a large number of people with Down syndrome. That’s about how haphaazardly those elements are introduced.) The people with Down syndrome do not appear naked, though one couple does have sexual intercourse once during the movie.

There was Glover's infamous 1987 appearance with David Letterman, in which the jittery actor narrowly missed kicking the peeved host.