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Jessi then read some of the postings she had seen when she had visited the website: Jessi: […] [H]ere are some of the postings: uh, “Wanna videotape or watch me have sex with your wife? Following further discussion about sexual activity online and how the Craiglist website is regulated, the program aired a pre-recorded interview that Jessi had conducted with pop singer Pink. It is entirely clear that a scene may be sufficiently sexually explicit Bravo!

”; “Phone sex right now with guy with sexy accent”; “Meet me at Starbucks on the corner of Fourth and Wallman”. Jessi asked Pink about rumours that Pink and her husband engage in sexual activity via webcam: Jessi: He’s this world-class motorcross guy and you’re touring all the time. re Love on the Line (CBSC Decision 00/01-1050, May 3, 2002), the documentary film was about telephone dating services and telephone sex lines.

[someone in audience says something inaudible] Good question. Eric: Right now it sells for about four hundred dollars for the complete set, everything you need and there’s nothing more to purchase after that unless you want to get a different girl. You, um, you, uh, [makes motion with hand] right, okay and then the CD’s rollin’ and does it do anything other than just, does the, the, the thing do anything? What, what the thing does is it recreates the experience that you’re watching on the screen exactly. Uh, there are some different modules for larger or smaller extremes, but, uh, – Daryn: Does -. Eric: – the basic machine covers just about everybody. He expressed his discomfort in the following terms (the full text of the correspondence can be found in Appendix B): They interviewed a creepy middle-aged guy who sold a masturbation device for boys.

It, it’s designed to accommodate a wide var-, variety of men. The complainant’s primary concern was the segment about the virtual sex machine.

Eric: Well, it, this machine is the most advanced virtual sexual experience you could possibly have. Tina: So you, you know missionary in the beginning and in order to learn some other tricks of the trade, you interact with other people. But everyone starts out at, as a virgin and then as you gain experience you, the sex gets crazier? And, and since this is a virtual game, we go beyond the standard missionary and doggie and it gets really creative. Now the other element of this that kind of moves it away from other online games is that you can actually watch the person that you’re, uh, [makes quotation marks with fingers] “fake sexing with” via webcam. […] Your generic form letter is what I expected and perhaps we the public simply have to adjust to the “new permissive media” that can pass off anything as “exploring an issue”. yes you, can’t watch the clip and think there was nothing wrong with it. Of course there’s a lot of channels and a lot of competition, but just because that’s the case, doesn’t mean you have to “out-do” the competition by crossing boundaries of decency by leaps and bounds. Just listen to the parents and the teachers instead of feeding their kids crap.