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I've been coming here for sometime now and I have met many amazing people.

There are lots of way to find the strangers online and Talk to Strangers is a great way to connect with people around the world. This type of site was new for me to talk to random strangers.

Every time I deliver a professional networking seminar I am surprised by the number of people that ask me, "Lisa, how do you start a conversation? For in-person conversations I think it all boils down to three things.

" So I thought, what better way to start OUR conversation than with an episode that is about starting conversations. First, you need to cultivate a zen-like attitude towards conversation making. Cultivate a zen-like attitude, pay attention, and be curious. You need to let go of self-conscious and judgmental thinking.

this is the best place to be if u want to make friends from around the world! You, Lola, and Cait are my girls, and I'm so lucky I have you all to talk to when I get on, everyday.