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This can make administering your environment a chore, especially if you are surrounded by a team of Chicken Littles, screaming about how vulnerable your environment is if you do not update quickly.While I am of the mindset that, yes, the holes that have recently been exploited in Java are serious and should be patched, I also believe that, if you have the proper security measures in place, you are typically safe.

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Warning: It seems the next time you install a newer Java, it turns back on the "check for updates"; at least it did for me going Java 6 update 15 to Java 6 update 16 on Windows 7.

So for now, the only way I have found to permanently keep disabled "check for updates" is to do scripted installs, such as

Nevertheless, I decided to deploy the most recent version (as of this writing, Java 7 Update 21) to our workstations.