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This is where machikon, gokon run by professional organizers, come in.

“Machi” is the Japanese word for town, and many machikon are sponsored by, or at least draw on the local appeal of, the neighborhood in which they’re held.

In 2005, the Nomura Research Institute divided otaku into twelve groups and estimated the size and market impact of each of these groups.

These publications classify distinct groups including anime, manga, camera, automobile, idol and electronics otaku.

The economic impact of otaku has been estimated to be as high as ¥2 trillion ($18 billion). This word is often used metaphorically, as an honorific second-person pronoun. For example, in the anime Macross, first aired in 1982, the character Lynn Minmay uses the term this way.

Dating a girl who falls under this category isn't any more difficult than dating any other girl, though.

All you really need to do is find the girl and appeal to her interests well enough for her to take notice of you.

No matter how deeply you respect someone’s core values, or how physically attractive you find them, it’s hard to build a successful romantic relationship without some common interests.