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The voiceover narration by Mary Alice for this week's episode of Desperate Housewives talks about the theme of people living in darkness, though I think there's another theme here, having to do with the women of Wisteria Lane protecting their families. This doesn't go so well, as MJ seems resistant to Katherine overall. I seriously cannot wait to see Bree go into hyper overdrive with planning this wedding. And I think it shows some growth that Bree is so eager to prove how A-OK she is with her son being gay and marrying a man (well, especially since he's a doctor).

Gaby protected Carlos from discovering how bad things had gotten for them financially, Lynette is beside herself with figuring out how to protect Porter, and Bree tries to protect Andrew from getting hurt by his partner. Susan tries to help by tagging along with Katherine, Mike and MJ to the bowling alley, but when MJ spots Mike briefly holding Susan's hand, he drops a bowling ball on her foot (the later mention of Katherine's "psychadelic toenail" really skeeved me out! He tells his parents that he doesn't want Katherine around because Susan and Mike are supposed to be together (did MJ have this issue with Jackson? Apparently, Susan told MJ once that Mike would come back, and when she says this to Mike, she asks him if he ever thinks about it. What she is not OK with is the fact that Andrew's husband-to-be was in an adult film years ago.

Which he did, with identical twin Preston filling in for him in court. Creepy Dave sees dead people: As most viewers successfully guessed from Day One, Dave Williams is the widower of the woman and five-year-old girl who were killed in the car accident with Mike and Susan five years ago. J., he was less than thrilled about going on outings with Mike and Katherine, throwing a hot-fudge sundae at her and dropping a bowling ball on her foot. Mike tried to point out that they're both dating others now, but when confronted, he couldn't deny that he didn't have some interest in Susan.

The accident is what drove Mike and Susan apart, and Dave blames Mike for the loss of his family. It's no real surprise that Susan has been holding out hope for a reunion with Mike, and apparently she's been feeding M. Yeah, well, better not get too attached with Creepy Dave in town. : The promised operation gave Carlos back his sight, and he began to discover that Gaby had been slowly selling off their possessions to keep the family afloat.

He's clearly haunted by these people he lost, and it's obviously agonizing.