American women dating polish men

Take care.” Such whimsical selfishness—unchecked by any sense of honor or desire to do the right thing—is much less common among non-American women, who are far more likely to stay with you, just as they are to let you know where you stand.

What makes the response rates so low on dating websites is the fact that, until they hit the wall of their 30s, American women have a kind of penis attention deficit disorder; they are simply “not going to settle” for anything less than the latest novel suitor putting in his attempt.

You have a shitty attitude anyway, so get to steppin’—maybe you can get some more tats on your way home!

” I suppose I should have been more of a “gentleman”—that is, in 2014, a chump who lets a woman walk all over him in order to get laid!

I’ve just never met a tatted-up person who didn’t party at least sometimes, so I was only making an inference based on past experiences.